Infinity pools have a filtration system similar to that of traditional pools. Its only difference, like the mirror pool, is that it does not have skimmers . The incoming water flow is very important, it is regulated by a buffer tank . This tank represents approximately 10% of the volume of the pool. It is generally attached to the main pool, but it can be installed a little further.

Your pool will therefore be equipped with a filtration pump which draws water in and returns it to the pool and a filter which will clean the water of impurities. To manage the amount of water flow, you will also need a level sensor, a solenoid valve, and an overflow pump .

What is the point of an infinity pool?

The main advantage of this type of pool is the aesthetic finish that adorns your outdoor spaces. It leaves an impression of infinity and space. It integrates harmoniously into your garden. It provides a view free of any visual obstacle and allows you to enjoy a panoramic view over a breathtaking landscape, while having the feeling of swimming to the horizon.

The constant flow also keeps clean water on the surface . Impurities do not have time to settle in the bottom of the basin. This makes daily maintenance easier.

What you need to know before building an infinity pool

The construction of an infinity pool is generally one third more expensive than a conventional pool. It necessarily has one side higher than the other. To ensure the stability of the terrain, a study must be made. Construction techniques are quite complex and must be carried out by a professional , just like masonry. The specific equipment which permanently maintains the overflow effect also adds an additional cost. Finally, overflow pools producing more carbon dioxide , it will also be necessary to equip it with a PH regulator.

The maintenance of an infinity pool is similar to that of a conventional pool:

  • you’ll have to check the PH twice a week,
  • check the condition of the buffer tank and clean the impurities deposited at the bottom once a week,
  • run your pool robot regularly over the walls and bottom of the main pool,
  • you will also have to monitor the scale deposit from time to time. Infinity pools tend to scale easily.

Then, it will be necessary to take care to respect the safety standards , by installing a submerged shutter, a transparent barrier (to keep a clear view) or an alarm. Finally, there are some construction constraints. Ideally, the terrain should be slightly sloping, at the edge of a drop in altitude and located at altitude.